SPUD Asset Management

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SPUD Labour is a complete workforce management system that electronically manages user information, timesheets, fingerprint clock in scanners and all internal training – making your life a lot easier as well as increasing productivity within your workforce.

SPUD Asset Management

How SPUD Labour works

Speed up and simplify managing your workforce by having SPUD Labour at the core of your business. Employees can clock in with their fingerprint using our bio metric tablets, geofence app, managers clock in page or by populating the timesheet page. This data is then allocated to a timesheet which can be amended by a manager. Export both labour and clock in reports to view hours worked (including those additional to the set shift pattern) and edits made to labour times.

Comprehensive features

Safely store all employee information including bank details, ID, wages and shift patterns as well as all staff training and certifications. SPUD's GDPR switch ensures you have control over who can and who can't view sensitive information. Receive alerts when training is due to expire, health questionnaires are flagged or if a young person is present. Our training table offers a one click download of certificates which can be filtered by training type or member of staff, giving you visibility of staff who need to complete additional training or qualifications.

SPUD's settings function allows you to create and set multiple projects, geofence area for mobile clock in, access rights for each user, training types and job roles for staff; tailoring the system to suit the requirements of your business.

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SPUD Asset Management